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Meet Judge Jesse

Judge Jesse Nevarez has lived the American Dream. The son of migrant workers, Jesse grew up working the cotton farms of Texas where he learned the conservative values of hard work, personal responsibility, and that faith and family come first. Though they were not educated themselves, Jesse’s parents taught him the value of education and the importance of service. So after working his way through college, Jesse honorably served America as a communications expert in the U.S. Air Force. Judge Nevarez then went into private business where his lifelong strong work ethic allowed him to balance the books of a Fortune 500 company. Having been called to serve the community, at the age of 40, Jesse returned to school to earn his law degree. He was a big success and became a respected member of the legal profession.

Judge Nevarez strictly follows the Constitution, never legislates from the bench, and keeps Tarrant County families safe. His reputation as a conservative and legal expert led Governor Perry to appoint him District Court Judge in Tarrant County. Jesse and his wife Rudeene have lived in Tarrant County for nearly fifteen years with their dogs, Dodger and Boomer.

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